Instant Noodles

Gaga Mie 100 Hot Series

Spicy Instant Noodle with 3 different Spicy Level. Made with Jalapeno native chili and Spices with guaranteed quality


Healtimie is made from premium wheat flour which is added to barley grass leaves as the main composition. Processed without frying process so low in fat. Healtimie also contains clorophyl, calcium and vegetable fiber. Without preservatives and low MSG.

Gaga Mie Gepeng

Made by the best wheat flour quality served with best Indonesian herbs and spices

Gaga Bakmi

One of the premium quality wheat noodles in its class that has a level of testur noodles that is quite chewy and which can be processed with various types of processed. Can be served fried and soup. This type of wheat noodle is similar to Spagetti noodles

Gaga A1 Egg Noodle

One type of egg noodles with a fairly good quality with a fairly short presentation. Just boiled 2 minutes, the noodles are ready to be processed with various types of processed


Chewy Fried Noodles with the most championy taste, making the challenge for you lovers of spicy food.

Arirang Rice Flour Series

Something different delicious taste, healthy, fill up, gluten free, practical and comfortable.

Ramen Noodles

Michiyo Ramen

Natural Ramen with real meat, Free trans fat, and No Preservative


Gaga Porridge

More practical to eat Porridge without preservatives, made from selected ingredients, can be served warm or cold

Gaga Sausage

Snack that is rich in protein and high nutrition. Suitable for all ages in all activities. These products are made by retort method at maximum temperature so that germs / bacteria are lost. Along with one product that can be eaten immediately without reducing the nutritional value of the product.

Beef Pouch

Made with the best meat and herbs, to serve the best taste of Indonesian.


Gaga Sardines

With selected fresh fish, without preservatives and quality ingredients.


Gaga Condiments

Made by Quality Raw Materials, more origin chilli, and processed by High Quality Standar. Contains Vitamins and Antioxidants.

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