Healtimie Green Barley Noodle - Fried

Healtimie is made from premium wheat flour which is added to barley grass leaves as the main composition.Processed without frying process so low in fat. Healtimie contains clorophyl, calcium and vegetable fiber. Without preservatives and low MSG.

Seasoning Composition

Vegetable Oil, Shallot, Sugar, Salt, Chicken Falvour, Garlic Powder, Mushroom Extract, White Pepper Powder, Thickener (Carragenan) and Vitamin ( A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, Niacin,Folic Acid, Panthothenate),Carrot, Cabbage, Leek, Fried Onion.

Oil Composition

Fresh Green Chilli, Sugar, Salt, Fresh Garlic, Modified Starch, Lactic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, and Sodium Metabisulfite.

Noodle Composition

Wheat Flour, Strach, Barley Leaf, Fibre, Salt, Calcium, and Chlorophyl CL 75810

Serving Instruction

Boil noodles and dehydrated vegetable in boiling water and stir gently for 3 minutes. While noodle is being cooked, put seasoning paste and chilli sauce in a plate and mix well.Sprinkle with Fried Onion and Delicious Healtimie Green Barley Noodle is ready to be served.


Dimension = 380 x 225 x 250 mm
40 PCS / CTN
1 PCS = 78 gr
Container 20' = 1,350 CTN
Container 40' = 2,750 CTN
Container 40' HC = 3,150 CTN

Healtimie Green Barley Noodle - Vegetable Soup

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