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I came from a very poor family background and I got to experience the post WW2 situation in Indonesia at first hand. During that period, our economy was bad and food were scarce. People has no fix job and getting a meal for a day was already a luxury. I remember my usual meal was porridge with salt and once a while I had a boiled chicken egg and that was already a luxury for me and my family.

These experiences gave me a unique sense of attraction towards the food industry, where I have a dream to produce affordable staples food with proper nutrition and good taste that could bring a happy smile to every household. Praise God, my dream later transformed into a reality. Today with my company and my previous company, we are continuing in bringing daily affordable food to millions of Indonesian household. Now with JT, our motto is “Magical moments in every taste”, where we strive to produce quality product that enrich with good nutrition and deliver magical memories of taste that’s satisfying the craving of our customer. I believe the “Magical taste” in each of our product will touch on each and every individual of our customer’s life to bring about the “Magical moments in every taste”.

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PT. Jakarana Tama Food Industry is a food industry company specializing in the production of processed or ready-to-eat food products, such as sardines, instant noodles, sausages, otak-otak, chili sauce, beef rendang and porridge. There is Magic Delicacy in every Taste


PT. Jakarana Tama is committed to maintaining food safety, halal and product quality. Conduct evaluations and corrective steps. Creating a conducive work environment. Open to suggestions and criticisms to increase productivity, employee and customer satisfaction.


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